Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hello everyone ~
Well I totally forgot to update my blog ^^'
(You see, I'm pretty new to all this, so I'm really sorry for being so lazy *bows*)
Well...what did recently happened ?
First of all, I got my Super VIP tickets for the JYJ  concert in Berlin
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥   ♥
(For everyone who doesn't know JYJJYJ - Who are they? )
So you may know that I'M SUPER FREAKING happy to FINALLY see the boys and to listen to their music...LIVE!
I'm really really grateful that they decided to hold a Europe-Tour and even come to a city which is not impossible to reach for me, even though it'll be a lot of stress but that's the price a fangirl has to pay ;)

Secondly I've played around with the gyaru make-up style for quite a while and I think I'll try to go for the natural look, because I don't want  to wear too much make-up around my eyes. It somehow overlays the color of my eyes and makes them appear smaller.

(I'm still not perfect with the hair and make-up but I'm learning)
I'm really trying to transform this style into something I can wear everyday and as you may see, I'm pretty white and I don't want to damage my skin by going to a tanning shop or wear too much brown make-up. 
I think everyone can and should interpret their gyaru-style for their own, be inspired by POPTEEN or egg or other Idols to develop new ideas for make-up and fashion. 
I still don't quite understand why there is so much fighting about being a good 'GAL/Gyaru' or not, because everyone has their own interpretation of Gyaru anyways.

Well as I told you before I will go to Berlin, germanys capital city, to spend some time with my friends and to see JYJ of course. :D
I'll be gone from the 04.11 - 06.11 and sadly the 6th November is my last day of school vacation so after the concert I will go straight home, get my schoolbag and go to school. The best thing is: I have to work in the evening...
But again: That's the price for seeing the boys...pewwww even though I really REALLY would love to stay home and sleep^^'

Stay tuned for more ;)
Lots of Love,


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  1. hi♥
    i just found your blog and im a new follower of it :)
    you look really cute♥
    i like your style!
    I hope you will post again soon!

    if you want, please check out my blog too!♥
    i would be so happy!!

  2. Hallo (:
    Willkommen haha ;)
    Deine Bilder sind ja goldig und ich find du machst das toll mit dem Make-Up und den Haaren ^_^
    Weiter so!
    Ich folg' dir mal ;)
    Darfst auch gern bei mir vorbeischaun.
    Hab auch grad mein erstes giveaway drin und du darfst gerne mitmachen (geht nämlich noch bis zum 3.11. ;) )

  3. Ich hab dir zwar schon paar mal gesagt wie schön ich dich finde aber jetzt hab ich sogar nen Blog auf dem ich das schreiben kann XD <3
    Aber jetzt mal ernsthaft. Ich finds super. Also für mich bist/wirst du eine wundervolle Gal sein.!! :3

  4. Hab grad deinen Blog gefunden! ♥
    Awww~~~ du gehst auch auf's JYJ Konzert in Berlin? *___* Ich werd auch dabei sein und freu mich schon riesig! Vielleicht läuft man sich ja dort über den Weg! ^^
    Werd dein Blog gleich mal followen.
    Übrigens, deine Haare und make up sehen super aus. Ich finde das natürliche auch besser. ♥