Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Updates & Valentine's day

Hello my lovely readers ~

As I told you before in my last blog, I did a oriental inspired look while trying to put a little 'gyaruish' touch into it. Sadly the quality of my Camera is pretty horrible, coz I needed to use my cellphone (remember, I don't have a normal camera atm. -_-) BUT anyways here are the results:
Without doing my hair etc.

It's nothing special but I had fun to work with more glitter, even though I actually don't like gold so much, but I was really happy that it turned out the way I wanted it to look ;D It's very sad that you nearly can't see all the sparkling around an on my eyes due to the crappy quality of my camera but I'm buying asap.


You all know that Valentine's Day is nearly there...
You see lovely posters everywhere, there are special valentine's offers in many stores and somehow there is this....warm and lovely feeling around us. I came to think how people will spend this special day....Of course most couples will celebrate this day together, but how about all the single people out there?
I wanna let you know what I will do on this day of love.
I decided to treat myself sth. nice on Valentine's day since I'm single and I'm not someone who's sad about it. To me, love isn't only found in family, friends or lovers BUT also in yourself, so I will do something nice for my body & soul. You shouldn't only love your family, friend etc. but also yourself in order to feel inner harmony and to be in balance with your body & sould. Loving yourself and accepting the way you are is something which gives you strength and a lot of self-confidence, makes you shine from the in- & outside and of course - makes you feel gorgeous. 
Chriselle, who is a fashion guru on Youtube, made a video especially about this topic and I really wanted to share this video with you guys.

I'm wishing you all the very best, you're all wonderful just the way you are and see you soon in my next blogpost 



  1. i like the pictures =)
    <our beautiful =)

  2. Awwww, du siehst Zauberhaft schöööön aus *__*~<3
    Ich finde du kannst dich toll schminken~<3 x3


  3. danke für deinen lieben kommi :) der blazer hat glaub ich 30 € gekostet. Ich meine, den auch noch im online-shop gesehen zu haben. :)
    und in btw du bist so hübsch! *_* und solche locken stehen dir ausgezeichnet!