Friday, April 13, 2012

Recent gets & NYX swatches (picture heavy)

   Hello my dear readers,
sorry for not being so activ here but atm. Im really busy with preparations for school, work and the visit of my boyfriend. Im already freaking out If I think of my final exams *passes out* So let me show you what I recently did & brought ^___^

First of all, I finally had time to do my nails. This is how they look
They're not as perfect as I wanted them to be but I'll practice ;)

The things I brought
4 packages of tea
(from l. to r.: strawberry tea, Dortmund tea (special tea made for my town), cherry tea and walnut tea)
All of them weren't expensive and taste incredibly good!
'Fruty collection' eye shadow sorbet by essence
Same here
As you can see the colors are very very light and shimmery. I like to use the yellowish one  as a highlighter and the apricot one as normal eye shadow. They're really shimmery if you apply them and the texture is almost liquid.
NYX 5 Color Shadow 'The Caribbean Collection' in '02 Dream of St. Marteen' 
The swatch: the colors of the pallet are all shimmery and really good. They're easy to apply and  none of them are matte.  
NYX 5 Color Shadow 'The Caribbean Collection' in '07 Dream of Jamaica'
The swatch: I really really love the first two eye shadows (left) because they are so frosty  and gorgeous! The thing on this pallet is that the last eye shadow is kinda matte even though its a little bit shimmery.
MAC's new lipstick called 'Innocence, beware!'
It's a very creamy lipstick and the color is more pastel/nude than it looks here. Its a very light and natural color  and because of this I brought it. Since we all know MAC cosmetics are more expensive than normal drugstore cosmetics, I wanted a color which I could really wear everyday. This lipstick goes perfectly with every style and lasts quite long.
Three duo-nail polishes by essence. I absolutely fell in love with the colors of these  polishes because one part of the duo is a really covering color and the other one is more of a light sparkly. It's perfect for spring and summer because you can combine them with each other and u just have three compact nail polishes instead of six, so they don't take away too much space.

Two recent looks ;)
One for a theme party in my school and the other one is just normal

So my dears that's all for now ;)
Enjoy this awesome cover by Tyler Ward!
Lots of love,


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  1. wunderschöne sachen, die du dir gekauft hat :) und du bist so hübsch!
    zu deinem kommi: Die Naked 2 hab ich in London gekauft. Die kostete 36 Pfund und die Revlon Lipbutters kosteten 7,99 Pfund pro Stück.

    LG xoxo FlirtingwithFashion