Wednesday, July 4, 2012

london journey & oxford street & riding a horse

Hello dears  ^0^
As u can read in the headline this post will be all about my trip to London with my best friend. First of all...I didn't expect it to be SO GODDAMN STRESSFUL but since I arrived home safely, I won't complain too much for now. So, I went to London by bus (yes I know, stupid idea, next time i'll will go by plane) and right at the start of our little 'journey' there was trouble. Due to some misunderstandings we missed our first ferry and therefore ended up later in London as we actually planned. As you can imagine, we were pretty pissed off and since I was and still am sick I felt a little sleepy all day long. Ronja and I planned to go shopping on Oxford street but had no idea how to get there since our bus driver saw us off at the Tower/Tower bridge so we decided to go there by metro and we obviously got lost there :D
Somehow we managed to find the Oxford street and started shopping like crazy! I really fell in love with some stores like TopshopNew Look and River Island, of course some stuff in there is quite pricey but luckily not everything. One surprise was the cupcake shop inside Topshop and since we are girls we couldn't resist to buy one of these gorgeously decorated cupcakes.
my cupcake: Peanutbutter flavour *Q*
Ronja's Cupcake: Oreo cookie flavour ~

Picadilly circus snapshot 1

Picadilly circus snapshot 2

Picadilly circus snapshot 3

Picadilly circus snapshot 4

And this is a restaurant/bar I spotted in the picadilly circus area which I though was really elegant and it looked even better when it got dark outside.

Of course I shopped some goodies, hell who wouldn't, in the stores I named above. For example a nude/cream colored purse from River Island, some cross earrings from Topshop and a small gift for two of my friends. And of course I made some pictures of myself which I wanted to share with you guys (it rained and I was a bit sick so some pics are really....urgh :DDD)

my best friend Ronja and me ~
sadly my eyes are closed xDDD
London eye ~

 So that's all I can tell you about my little trip to London, which I really want to repeat, and now lets move on to another topic...riding a horse.
Yes...some months ago I decided to fight against my fear of horses (I know, it's stupid to be afraid of horses but everyone has different fears ^^") and a friend helped me. It took a little while to 'cure' me and now...I really like riding on a horse taaddaa ~~~

Paula :*

That's all for now dears so I hope u enjoyed and stay tuned for the next upcoming posts

P.s What would u like me to post about anyways? Let me know ~

Loads of love


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